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Google said to release Nexus TV next year

Posted on 12 Dec 2013 by Edgar Cervantes

Google is said to be working on a Nexus TV. Google TV fans have been dreaming of a Nexus-branded TV or set-top box for a long time, only this will not be a Google TV.

LG Google TVs being updated to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean!

Posted on 24 Oct 2013 by Edgar Cervantes

The wait is over! LG is finally ready to give us Android 4.2.2 for Google TV and some of you may be getting it now!

HBO shows now available from the Google Play Store!

Posted on 07 Oct 2013 by Edgar Cervantes

You can now watch Game of Thrones, True Blood and all your favorite HBO shows straight from the Google Play Store! Is this the beginning of a brighter future for HBO on the internet?

Amazon trademarks “Firetube” – another Google TV competitor?

Posted on 04 Oct 2013 by Edgar Cervantes

Amazon is said to jump into the smart TV market. A recently trademarked “Firetube” has just appeared and we can’t find any other logical purpose for the name. What do you think?

Google TV is finally getting Hulu Plus…. kind of

Posted on 02 Oct 2013 by Edgar Cervantes

It has been long since Google TV made its debut, but so far Hulu Plus has come to Google TV only in fans’ dreams. Until today, that is!

Time Warner Cable CEO open to bring HBO internet-only subscriptions

Posted on 26 Sep 2013 by Edgar Cervantes

HBO and cable providers have had to fend off millions of unhappy, complaining customers. We have all been begging for HBO access without a TV subscription as we move into an internet-controlled future. Why do we need to have a cable subscription to be able to watch Game of Thrones …

Sony Bravia Smart Stick to be unveiled this Sunday – compatible only with Bravia TVs?

Posted on 18 Sep 2013 by Edgar Cervantes

Fans have been begging for new Google TV devices to come out, all with no results. Sony is finally stepping up, though. Or are they?

Apple ready to release its new Apple TV – coming strong against Google?

Posted on 05 Sep 2013 by Edgar Cervantes

It has been a while since Apple TV has received a hardware upgrade. Is Cupertino ready to take on Google TV and Chromecast again?

Sony’s next Google TV is a Chromecast on steroids!

Posted on 30 Aug 2013 by Edgar Cervantes

Sony is all set to release a brand new Google TV. The NSZ-GU1 is small and convenient like the Chromecast, but is it the right device for you?

Turn your Google TV into a smart home device with Enblink

Posted on 28 Aug 2013 by Edgar Cervantes

Ready to step into the home automation world but think it’s too expensive? There’s a few affordable options and Enblink looks like one of the most promising!