PrimeTime for Google TV updated with Netflix, HBO Go and Amazon Prime subscription selector


PrimeTime for Google TV has just been updated with a very welcomed addition. The Google TV content aggregator has been graced with what Google is calling a subscription selector. In summary, it makes content from Netflix, HBO Go and Amazon Instant Video (Amazon Prime) show up as “free” when one is subscribed to the service(s).

This bring us to another addition – now Amazon Instant Video appears in the PrimeTime app (it has been completely absent until now). This is great news by itself, so we are glad to see Google integrating all these services. Especially one as popular as Amazon Video. This will allow users to have a smoother experience and find video content more easily. Users no longer have to dig deeper into the menus to find if you are already covered to watch a certain movie or show. Simply search, and if you are subscribed to any of these streaming services the video will be labeled as free.

There is the usual batch of bug fixes too, of course. This update is full of goodies for us Amazon Instant Video users (as well as the others), so head over to the Google Play Store and update PrimeTime for Google TV!

[Google Play Store]