Watch the Google TV Hangout now: Primetime, Voice Search and YouTube update details

The new Google TV updates come as some of the biggest improvements we have seen in some time. Primetime, Voice Search and the new YouTube features strive to make our Google TV experience much more seamless and intuitive. The Google TV team knows this is a hefty update, so they have hosted a hangout focusing on these 3 new features.

The Google+ Hangout has just concluded, and it is now available for your viewing pleasure (video above). Check it out if you want to see more about the new features. They mostly focused on the functionality they bring and user questions, so it is a great way to see where Google TV is headed, and where we stand.

The most important update is probably Voice Search, which will only be available for devices that support a microphone. Sadly, only the LG Google TVs have a microphone right now, meaning you will have to get one of those or an upcoming device to take advantage of Voice Search. Google didn’t comment on being able to use our Android devices or a USB/Bluetooth microphone for Voice Search, but they also didn’t disregard the possibilities, saying “not right now”.

Another bit of important news is that these updates are only being released in the US right now. Our international brethren will just have to wait a bit more (sorry, guys!). Go ahead and watch the video if you want to learn more. By the way, you can now take advantage of the new YouTube features that work with Android, as well as the Primetime app, which is now available from the Play Store for all devices. Go get them!