Google TV to get significant update, Primetime and Voice Search features in tow

Google TV hasn’t received a significant update since the addition of the Google Play Store, making the latest announcement more than exciting. Google claims its TV platform will become “faster and easier” with the addition of two new features: Primetime and Voice Search.

Voice Search can be used to find Google TV content by simply speaking. One will be able to open YouTube videos, open applications, access websites and even change to specific channels. Pretty handy, we must say! Now, Primetime you will be a bit more familiar with. Google TV has never taken advantage of Android’s voice search capabilities. It is nice to finally see some changes in that department.

Now, Primetime you will be a bit more familiar with. This is because it is simply a rebranded version of the TV & Movies app, which has been helping us find awesome video content for a long time now. With the improved Primetime, users will now be able to find content without the need to interrupt whatever they may be watching. Making it more similar to a TV guide, one can now switch between channels easier and find what is best fitted for the mood.

We have gotten very close and personal with it and may love it, but this does not change the fact Google TV is still a baby. It needs to mature and evolve before it becomes what it has the potential to be. One of the main issues about Google TV is that there are many little discrepancies in the flow of the experience. Many apps interrupt the video or live TV, working completely separate from the content, not together. This update proves Google is working hard to smooth out the platform, though, and we can’t complain about that!

LG users will be the first to get this update. The rollout will start sometime this week, while other devices will get it “thereafter”. We know that could mean many things, so those of us without an LG Google TV should just sit patiently. I am definitely looking forward to this one, are you?

[Source: Official Google TV Blog]