Join the Google TV team in a hangout to learn all about the newest features

Google made our morning by announcing the upcoming update to Google TV. It is quite a significant update, bringing two new features: Primetime and Voice Search. You can learn all about them by reading our announcement post, but if you want a more direct experience, the Google TV team will be holding a hangout to cover all your questions and concerns. They will also be covering information about the YouTube Google TV/Android features recently released.

The Google+ Hangout is to take place tomorrow, November 15, at 10 AM Pacific. If you want to learn more about these new features, ask questions or simply see it in action, your best bet would be to tune in to Google TV’s Google+ page tomorrow morning.

We will definitely be there, so be sure we will bring you all the information if any new details are disclosed. If you can’t make it, you can also leave your questions below and we will try to bring them up to the Google TV team! Hopefully we can learn more about when other devices will get the update.

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