VIZIO Co-Star update brings improved Google Play Store and performance

VIZIO has been slowly receiving update version 3.4.0 for the Co-Star since last week, but for some reason most of us did not get it until this weekend. If you haven’t received it yet, it should be worth a look, because it definitely brings some noticeable improvements.

For one, the Google Play Store has been improved. It now takes the design from other Android devices, making it look much like a the Google Play Store we see in tablets. It is definitely easier to navigate, as well as intuitive. Especially if you are an Android user, as it borrows the same design and layout.

There are also some improvements in terms of performance. Not much is specified, but I did notice a slight boost of speed when navigating, especially when scrolling. You can go ahead and check if the update is available for your Co-Star, but the unit should let you know as soon as it is. If you already have it, though, let us know how it is treating you!