Sony giving away free headphones and movies with the purchase of a Google TV box

Sony’s NSZ-GS7 box may have been the star of Google TVs at CES, but the competition is now getting fierce. We have the VIZIO Co-Star flying off the shelves with its $100 price-tag, and Hisense is working on its own Google TV box, said to cost the same. It is no surprise the other guys are taking all the hype away from Sony, and that is why the Japanese tech giant is now offering some great freebies with its new Google TV.

Those who purchase the smart TV device before September 17th will be able to score headphones and 3 movies for no extra cash. These add up to a $75 value, so it is a good reason to go with Sony, if you were starting to have doubts. All you would need to do is use the code YOUTUBEFAN during checkout and the goodies are yours.

The Google TV box and headphones will arrive at your doorstep some days later, and you can simply download those 3 movies from a selection of 15 options. Not a bad deal if you prefer Sony’s build quality, or if you don’t mind missing out on OnLive gaming. You can put your name on one of these bundles at Sony’s store, so go get them!

[Source: Sony]