Watch Indie movies straight from your Google TV with SnagFilms

Indie film enthusiasts know that the industry is full of badly-planned and odd independent movies, but when one is made right it is a much deeper and heart-felt experience. Truly, a good artist can only release his true creativity when unbound by chains from Hollywood and the like. The guys from SnagFilms know that true film fans have a very soft spot for a good indie movie, and that is why their streaming service definitely hits the spot with Google TV.

SnagFilms has developed a new web app to feature their indie film streaming service on Google TV’s Spotlight section. This means that the need to download an app has been take out of the picture, and this service is available for Google TV users in the USA. Simply head to the Spotlight section and you will feel right at home.

Those that haven’t heard of SnagFilms before should check it out for some good independent fun. The service is not limited to Google TV users, it is also available for many other platforms. Android, iOS, BlackBerry, internet TVs, set-top streaming devices and even cable providers make a rather extensive list of options. Even Xbox is in the list to get SnagFilms on board.

The web app runs rather smooth and follows Google TV’s UI design, so there is nothing to dislike here. Check it out and let us know what you think! Any good indie films you are looking forward to watching?

[Source: Google TV Official Blog]

  • Tanni Chab