Update v2.1.1 rolling out to Sony Google TVs, Logitech Revue next

We don’t often get Google TV updates, but they tend to be worth it when we do. The Honeycomb update was substantial, for example; with awesome UI improvement and Android Market (now Google Play Store) access. If you have been waiting for the next update, it is now being rolled to Sony Google TV devices. And according to Google TV Developers, the Logitech Revue should be next.

Updated hardware will be brought up to version 2.1.1. New enhancements include the ability to watch movies rented through Google Play and access to YouTube.com/movies via the YouTube app. Not much else was specified, but we are sure the update also includes the usual array of bug fixes and performance improvements.

Information on the Logitech updates was just as scarce. While the update is not here yet, Google TV Developers did mention there would be news on updates coming. So stay put, as your Logitech Revue is not quite dead yet.

[Source: Google TV Developers Via: Phandroid]