LG Google TV official details are up, purchase it straight from Amazon

LG is now officially the first TV manufacturer to go against Sony with Google TV. The new smart TVs launch is expected later this month, but LG has taken the next step already. All the details about the TVs are now available from the official LG site, and the units can even be purchased now.

There are two versions available, a 47-inch and a 55-inch version. They are not exactly the most affordable TVs, though. These bad boys will hit your wallet with a $1600 and $2100 price tag, relatively. The 3D-capable, LED HDTVs are quite the mouth-droppers, though.

If you are interested, you can now go ahead and check out all the details straight from LG’s official Google TV site. But what do you guys say? Are you getting one of these? Hit the Amazon links below if you are.

LG Google TV 47″

LG Google TV 55″