Android Market Now Showing Google TV Devices

It appears the launch of Android Market for Google TV is imminent, or at the very least, they’re testing out compatibility and testing deployment. We’ve received several tips – and we’ve confirmed the fact ourselves – that Google TV devices are now showing in Android Market.

If you own Google TV you can test it yourself by visiting Android Market on the Web and looking at your account settings. I test a lot of Androids so mine is rather jumbled up, but you can clearly see an “Other” device that was last used on June 15th and registered on October 18th. My only Android product which fits that bill is my Sony Internet TV.

You can’t actually install anything to your GTV yet or get Android Market to appear on it, but the fact that Android’s web market is recognizing and listing the devices says they’re definitely prepping it for primetime. When Android Market launches on Google TV the flood gates won’t immediately open- for things to get really rolling we’ll need some GTV dedicated apps and games. But even being able to access non-optimized versions of Android Market offerings should be pretty thrilling. And then, before the end of the year, watch GTV absolutely blow up.

  • Kelly

    Shows up on my account too, yay

  • Robert

    It was on mine back when this was first published, but as of now (July 28) when it was mentioned again on Phandroid, it was no longer listed :(

    Can’t wait for it to be official!

  • Fritz Boyle
  • http://userzen fritz boyle

    Now there are Google TV apps being shown on the android market as well. I think we are close to getting our update!

  • Matthew

    Wow my persistance in google tv paid off,I’m a “late adopter”,but wow all these new tech toys coming at us..I can’t wait till we have both Honeycome then Ice Cream Sandwich,and whatever comes after that,we’re going to rock!