Google TV Device Codenamed Fishtank Has Android 3.1

At a Google IO session about developing Android Applications for Google TV, a select number special flyers were being passed around that provided developers into a secret program called “Fishtank”. Not only is Fishtank the codename for an actual Google TV device that a select few developers will receive, it’s also Google’s name for the entire program – “Google TV Fishtank Program”.

The purpose, obviously, is to give developers with great ideas an opportunity to develop for the Google TV platform featuring Android 3.1. This way, not only can Google work out any kinks for Android on the big screen, but they can also launch Android Market on Google TV with some great apps and games ready to go out of the box.

Submissions for the Fishtank Program end on May 20th… so I’m guessing shortly after we’ll start seeing some interesting stuff. What are YOUR ideas for Google TV apps and games you’d like to see when Android Market launches on GTV?

  • http://None Dan Curtin

    I sincerely hope this works so I can maintain my $300 investment in the Logitech set-top I bought. I was about to give up on it and this is very encouraging to hear GTV will have Android 3.1

    It is a great product with poor execution and UI but has lots of real promise to take over the TV world.

  • http://None Dan Curtin

    I would definitely like to see Facebook apps on this platform, especially the ability to show Facebook photos. Apps foro Discover, National Geographic, apps like Pulse, Newsy for Iphone, the Daily would all be welcome on this platform.

  • TomW

    I would love to see a Direct TV app on GTV as well as all of the ESPN apps for linking up Direct TV with their sports packages. The ESPN apps would be great for all fantasy sports.
    Thank you for listening.

  • Bill

    Dan – I sure hope Google values us enough to upgrade our current $300 investment. The ways these articles read, I’m not sure we won’t have spend another $300 on a new device.

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