Android Market for Google TV Coming In “Very Short Term”

As we’ve explained over and over, the success of Google TV is inevitable and it all hinges on the arrival of Android Market. Luckily that’ll occur in the “very short term” according to Logitech’s GM of Google TV products. The statement was made by Ashish Arora at an event called OTTCon after being directly asked when Google TV users could take advantage of downloadable Android apps and games via the market.

We’re not sure what “Very short term” or “it will happen shortly” actually mean from a timeframe standpoint but “It will happen this year, 100 percent” was another claim he made. I wouldn’t call “this year” the very short term but I feel like Google could launch Android Market support as early as Google IO in early May. This event would be the perfect coming out party for both Google TV and Chrome Netbooks.

[Via GearLive]